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ProxyPy is a web proxy, free proxy and anonymous proxy that written in Python.
Support HTTP and HTTPS, multiple encryption url encoding.
It's Fast, stable, and safe.

    Benefits of using ProxyPy:
  • Be anonymous online
  • Bypass internet restrictions
  • Security, identity fraud
  • Free & Fast & Stable

v3.0 + uwsgi + nginx
v2.1 + WSGI (nginx + uwsgi)
v2.0 + FastCgi (apache + mod_fastcgi)
v1.x with Google App Engine

Latest News

2014-05-27 ProxyPy for Web.Py V3.1

add html5 support!

2014-05-01 ProxyPy for Web.Py V3.0

now proxypy run in ! also with Nginx + uWSGI. Demo site:

2013-05-16 ProxyPy for WSGI V2.1

A version for wsgi realease ! Now it can run in Nginx + uWSGI. Demo site:,

2013-05-17 ProxyPy for FastCgi V2.0

A version for fastcgi realease ! Now it can run in your server but not GAE. Demo site:,

2010-05-05 - ProxyPy Premium version

Do you want to own a ProxyPy Premium site? Do you need a more Features ProxyPy Server?
Please let me know.

2010-05-04 - ProxyPy 1.4 has been released

Breakthrough Google App Engine limitations on the download file 1M.
Now, Proxypy1.4 supports maximum download files 10M. If necessary, can support a larger size.

2010-02-05 - ProxyPy 1.3 has been released

Fix some cookie-related bug, so that sites that require authentication access more smoothly.
(For example: Twitter. See the twitter mirror site powered by proxypy: proxypy web list ).
Fix some bug related to HTTP GET method.

1 January 2010 - ProxyPy 1.2 has been released

ProxyPy 1.2 web proxy has been released! 30% speed increase! More stable and safe.

13 October 2009- ProxyPy 1.1 has been released

ProxyPy 1.1 web proxy has been released! Fix some bug in case of extreme anomalies. Support multiple encryption url encoding, as well as free replacement of the template.Also supports https

21 June 2009 - ProxyPy 1.0 has been released

ProxyPy 1.0 web proxy has been released! The best free web proxy on GAE.

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